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Dining room – Main house
Krabbenautet – Boathouse

Serving food and drinks at the lighthouse is taken care of by our staff. Out here, you should first and foremost relax and let us do the practical work.
However, there is of course full opportunity to be with our chefs when the meal is prepared with ingredients you may have brought from the sea.

The main house and Krabbenaustet

The renovated first station has very good kitchen facilities, but the vast majority of guests want maritime dishes such as shellfish, fish soup or bacalao.

In the main house, we cover up the round “stately” dining room. There is room for 10 guests around the table.
If you are a larger group, there is also a long table in the kitchen which also takes 6-8 guests.

In the Krabbenaust, there is a long table and benches with space for around 20 people. In the Krabbenaust /”boathouse” there is also a wood-burning stove that creates the “warm” atmosphere around the good meal.
You can sit in the boathouse with a view of islets and reefs.

Practical information

Main house:

  • Space for 10 in the dining room and 6-8 in the kitchen


  • Space for approx. 20 pcs. Rough and casual long table.
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