Flatflesa lighthouse an island of its own in the middle of the sea

About Flatflesa Lighthouse – Exotic

Flatflesa Lighthouse is a different travel experience. Here you live on a small cliff in the middle of the sea. Flesa, or fles, means dear / cut. However, this cliff has all the facilities you need for a comfortable stay. It is also safe in all weathers. The houses out here have stood firm and safe for 116 years.

Since 1902 there has been activity at Flatflesa ferry station. A total of seven lighthouse keepers, some of them with families, have lived and worked here for several years. The lighthouse was manned from 1902 until 1988. Today the lighthouse is automated.

In 2018, an extensive restoration was carried out in collaboration with the Norwegian Coastal Administration. The fireman’s residence has been given a new roof, new windows and all rivet plates were removed. Great new railings have been installed on the entire islet.

Accommodation – Guaranteed ocean view

8 rooms
17 beds

At Flaflesa Lighthouse there are 8 rooms and 17 beds. The rooms are divided between the lighthouse keeper’s residence and the engine house. Terms such as sea view can safely be used here. The buildings contain shared bathrooms and toilets.

Food and drink – An unforgettable experience

Dining room /main houses

Serving food and drinks at the first station is taken care of by our staff. Out here, you should first and foremost relax and let us do the practical work. However, there is of course full opportunity to be with our chefs when the meal is prepared with ingredients you may have brought from the sea.

Robus wellness

After a day out at sea, it feels good for both body and mind to enjoy our simple and versatile “wellness offer”. We have a wood-fired hot tub and sauna. In addition, there is a salt water basin that changes water at every high tide. All facilities with fantastic sea views.

Transport – part of the experience

There are several options for visiting Flatflesa lighthouse. A helicopter is obviously the fastest, but the islet can also be reached by charter boat or RIB.