The lighthouse is located in Lyngværfjorden, 4 km west from Gossen, in Sandøy commune. The lighthouse was first lit on September 20th, 1902. The lighthouse was built to improve the sea route through the «kråksund», a passage that was often used by fishing boats.

The building of the lighthouse was strongly recommended by the fisheries authorities of Romsdal and Trøndelag district. The house was built from timber. The lighthouse was placed in a tower on the top of the house. The clockwork that run the lights had to be manually reset every third hour.

Jib crane 
A shed and a boathouse was also built, and a slipway, quay and jib crane. The first lighthouse keeper on the islet came with his family and household. In 1933 an assistant who worked 6 months a year was also hired.

The light is too low 
After several complaints that the lights from the lighthouse is to low, a new tower is built in 1936. The new tower is built in iron and increases the height of the light with 9 meters.

In both 1944 and 1945 the lighthouse was attacked by allied airplanes and was severely damaged. In 1948 a new and brighter light was installed, with a strength of 30 800 candela. Generators to provide the islet with its own electric power was installed in 1961. After the war, the staff consisted og a lighthouse keeper, a lighthouse valet, and an assistant. Today the lighthouse is automatic, and the islet is depopulated.